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New way of playing together for live game streaming communities



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We leverage the ease of access of Twitch to let game streaming communities engage meaningfully together and enable instant in-stream monetizations.

Our game technology allows audiences to experience big live collaborative/creative adventures creating meaningful community engagement.


Our first game Sea Raiders is tested with live audiences instantly joining with their favorite streamer and taking part in fun pirate adventures together.

This is the digital theme park, a live stage for the community to explore and develop together.

Our unique tech platform enables massively social gameplays and collaborations, it is built to support differents types of designs in the social gaming streaming space.

Winner of several game technology innovations awards.


MegaMigs 2022 Tech Innovation


Grant to support innovation 2021

Through our tech and design, we aim to explore and develop awareness around social groups behaviors through gaming.

We are looking for streamers and investors who want to explore with us the possiblities of instant social play.

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